Dedicated staffing professionals at Woodwind IT have vast expertise to search, screen and select candidates for a wide range of technical and non-technical skills.

You are free to choose from our various search options:

Retainer Search: A dedicated search team created to fill a position in a specified period of time.

Contingency Search: Designed to fulfill both individual search assignments and ongoing openings, you are not required to pay the fee until we fill the position.

Project Search: A team will be created to find a number of candidates with similar skills.

We bring you the highly skilled contractors available in the industry who meet your budget needs and project timelines.

We understand your needs to hire a candidate upon complete satisfaction. Woodwind IT provides you CTH candidates who work on a contract basis for a short term and then you may convert them as an employee.

It offers many benefits, when it is set up correctly. With the right RPO provider such as Woodwind IT, you can optimize your workforce, reduce operational costs, risks, drive productivity and increase your ROI.